Julie Eisenberg Brings Love, Light and Peace to Casa Om

Julie Eisenberg, Director of Lighthouse Yoga Center in Washington DC, is planning a week of love, light and peace when she comes to teach at Casa Om February 15-21.  Blogger Kathryn E. Livingston asked the Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher what she has planned for her Valentine’s week winter getaway.

Q: How did you arrive at the theme of love, light, and peace?

Julie: At the end of class we often say love to all, light to all, peace to all. It’s a winter getaway and I really wanted to play with the concept of light. The idea of the retreat is to get away from winter and enjoy some sunlight, rejuvenate, refresh, and have a relaxing time. In mid-February we are desperate for light and warmth so we are taking Lighthouse Yoga Center to the beach!

Q: What style of yoga will you be offering?

Julie: We’ll have morning and evening yoga; I teach both Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga, so the classes will vary and it will depend a little on who comes.

We’ll offer an early morning yoga class and then a pre-dinner/ late afternoon yoga class, pretty much sunrise and sunset. I do know that some of our folks at Lighthouse, being that it is Valentine’s week and the President’s Day holiday, are bringing their partners and spouses who are not necessarily yogis so I do not take it personally if people want to opt out of the yoga classes.

Q: What else will you be doing?

Julie: There will be free time for people to do what they want. I’ve spent a good deal of time in that part of Mexico so I love the Ceynotes; just the idea of jumping into one of those cool pools is so refreshing! Then, there are the ruins. We will organize for people who want to do day trips, and some might want to hang on the beach that’s a great option as well.

Q: Sounds like a nice Valentine’s Day present?

Julie: Yes, a week on the beach in Mexico doing yoga and eating healthy foods. Also a nice Valentine’s present to give to yourself, or if you want to catch up with an old friend (or friends) and reconnect this would be a great way to do it.

Q: How did you get into Kundalini yoga?

Julie: I had been practicing and teaching hatha yoga and a number of years ago I walked into a Kundalini yoga class in Washington, and that was it. I immediately felt, “Whoa this is what I was looking for!” So then I did my teacher training, and began teaching at studios and gyms here in DC. In early 2012, I opened my own yoga studio so that I could focus more on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Q: Do you also work with the homeless?

Julie: Yes, I teach to the homeless and to underserved populations in general. I think it’s really important for people with less resources to have access to yoga, and I’ve seen how it can make a big difference in someone’s life. I have some homeless students who credit yoga for allowing them to be able to survive their stress.

Q: Your yoga studio is called Lighthouse. Is that from the Yogi Bhajan quote?

Julie: Exactly. It’s a fabulous quote and I use it on my website: “You are a lighthouse, so nobody else can wreck near you.  This is the one thing in life that you have to do: spread the light, be the lighthouse, so every journey, every destiny, every distance will be safe.”

Q: Beautiful!

Julie: I love the idea that you are a lighthouse so nobody else can wreck near you. I’ll definitely be focusing on the concept of bringing in light and love at the retreat, and what better time to do that than Valentine’s week?


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