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Siri Om Khalsa

Siri Om Khalsa graduated Bikram Teacher Training in 2001. She is the owner of 2 yoga schools and the owner of Casa Om. She studied with Bikram Choudhury since 1993. She practices Bikram Yoga daily and attended trainings in Anusara and Kundalini. Her love for yoga is effervescent and will inspire you to new heights in your practice. She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter.

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Events of Siri Om Khalsa

Week of Bikram Joy with Siri Om & Hargobind

October 25th - 31st, 2015

Join Siri Om and hargobind for the total yoga experience! Enjoy amazing food, spend time at the beach, and expand your yoga horizons!

This Retreat is Over

Siri Om’s Bikram Yoga Christmas Retreat

December 20th - 26th, 2015

Join Siri Om and Hargobind for the total yoga experience! Practice Bikram, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Meditation, and more with Siri Om and host...

This Retreat is Over

Bikram New Years Retreat 2016 with Siri Om & Hargobind

December 27th, 2015 - January 2nd, 2016

Take this special time to improve your yoga practice, relax on the caribbean beach...

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Pure Om Hot Yoga Training

August 21st - September 17th, 2016

Casa Om, Mexico
Come join us for Pure Om Hot Yoga Training! Have you always wanted to be a hot yoga teacher?

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New Year Bikram retreat with Siri Om & Hargobind!

December 26th, 2016 - January 2nd, 2017

Start the New Year in paradise! Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Backbend & Inversion workshops will all be part of the yoga repertoire...

This Retreat is Over