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Have a spa treatment in our very own Casa Om spa, and let all of your stress melt away! Our in-house therapists offer a breath work therapy, Polynesian massage or reconnective healing to relax you during your stay. Casa Om also partners with Mayan healer Avelino May Xul, who practices energetic healing techniques rooted in Mayan culture. He comes to Casa Om one day a week, by appointment only, so please let our manager know in advance.


Trained Bachelor of Science physical therapist from Germany. She has five years of work experience in physical therapy clinics where she deals mostly with injury recovery and post-surgery clients. Britta is skilled in identifying and treating musculoskeletal conditions through a range of techniques. Her specialty is releasing muscle adhesions in body via Deep Tissue techniques. She also likes classic massages, applying firm therapeutic massage strokes to unblock, balance and relax body and mind. Her multiple skills are always adapt to each client’s needs to provide the best possible care.



Julia offers two unique treatments at Casa Om.

Rebalancing bodywork: this is a unique bodywork unlike any other that I learned in New Zealand from the Maori people. It uses the movements and the rhythm of the ocean to create a healing space for deep relaxation, peace and release.

Clarity Breathwork: this is a unique form of rebirthing technique, utilizing the power of breath to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, release trauma and change destructive belief patterns and behaviors.

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