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Abhijot Kaur

Abhaijot is a healer who has been practicing yoga for 21 years. She is honored to serve others through the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Abhaijot is Kundalini Yoga Therapist, a Khalsa Way Certified prenatal teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, and a Radiant Child Yoga teacher. She is a teacher at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC and T.A. at Golden Bridge Yoga Teacher Trainings with her teacher Gurmukh Khalsa who she studied with in India. She has served the teachings in Uganda Africa to schools and women correctional facilities. Her love affair and gratitude for Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini and all of its teachings continues to embody her heart, life and classes with healing love, depth, transformation, abundance, and light.

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Events of Abhijot Kaur

Satya Journeys: Discover Your Creative Truth

April 8th - 14th, 2018

Join this magical week of self-discovery as we explore a variety of creative expressions.

This Retreat is Over