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Alicia Molloy

Alicia has a passion to help people.  With 10 years of experience in sports and orthopedic physical therapy after training 6 years at Northeastern University’s Masters program for physical therapy she has been able to help patients heal from injury and inspire them to change their lifestyle to prevent future injury.  Always teaching with a heavy focus on posture, movement patterns and body mechanics, Alicia has been a perpetual student of learning traditional practices in medicine, alternative medicine techniques and new techniques that have been developed to help people live their lives pain-free. Alicia began teaching yoga only after she found an extremely therapeutic effect from her own personal practice of yoga. After training with Kevan Gale in Fluid Yoga she gained the tools and the experience to begin applying yoga poses, breathing techniques, visualization and guided meditation to her patients in need.  She is truly focused on the overall well-being of her patients and students. When she is not working with patients in the clinic, or teaching Healing Yoga classes, she is teaching the anatomy portion of various teacher trainings and holding workshops for yoga teachers and students for injury prevention.  Alicia is focused on optimizing others’ potential for happiness through the practice of yoga.

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Events of Alicia Molloy

Pure Om Hot Yoga Training

August 21st - September 17th, 2016

Casa Om, Mexico
Come join us for Pure Om Hot Yoga Training! Have you always wanted to be a hot yoga teacher?

This Retreat is Over