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Amanda McMaine

Amanda’s precise, gentle and clear teaching style continues to evolve from more than 39 years of experience ‘on the mat’. She has spent her life in an intense study of movement, a search for what truly frees us and inspires our asanas and our lives. Her background includes an ongoing study of the many aspects of yoga and has been deeply influenced by some of the world’s including Angela Farmer and Judith Lasater. She holds a masters degree in dance and kinesiology and certification as an experienced registered yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

Amanda’s understanding of yoga’s essence and her experience in teaching allows her classes to be spontaneous, fluid and accommodating to all levels of students. Beginning with breath consciousness and pranayama, each movement builds upon the previous one as deeper natural support and alignment in the asana is discovered. This retreat is for those individuals who wish to achieve subtle understanding of yoga, drawing upon the strength and intelligence that prana has to offer.

Amanda guides her students toward their edge by helping them experience the strength of pranayama and intimacy of slow conscious movement from the core that is possible through that understanding. Come prepared for an insightful, spontaneous, organic and emotionally satisfying approach to yoga. With refreshing originality and fluidity of language, Amanda will guide you along the illusive but cherished path of discovery of your inner heart and wisdom.

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Events of Amanda McMaine

The Essence of Yoga – Mexico Retreat

February 10 - 17, 2018

A Winter Yoga Retreat in Sunny Mexico

This Retreat is Over