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Brian Tobin

Brian is a Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher based in Burlington, Vermont. Brian aims to work with each student, starting from where they are, in order to develop their own personal practice. Utilizing techniques including yoga postures, breathing techniques, mantra, concentration, and visualization a custom practice is carefully crafted. The goal of all of these practices is to increase Self-knowledge and Joy in daily life.

At a young age, Brian began to wonder how to cultivate meaning and connectivity in life. Years of interest in consciousness and philosophy led Brian to the traditional practices of Hatha, or physical, Yoga. Studying and practicing alongside his beloved teachers, he has explored in-depth the intersection of body, breath, energy, and mind. Brian draws his influences from numerous different lineages of Hatha and Raja Yoga including: Sivananda Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga, Gosh/ Paramahansa Yogananda Lineages, Yogi Gupta (Dharma Mittra) Lineage, and Native Spirituality. Brian has received his advanced teaching certifications through the Hathavidya School of Yoga.

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Events of Brian Tobin

Cancun Yoga Retreat

March 11th - 17th, 2018

The Cancun Yoga Retreat offers a balance of adventure and relaxation, nourished by a strong sense of ​community.

This Retreat is Over