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Carla Vercoe

Carla is a PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher, Master Instructor for Peak Pilates® and the owner of Studio BE Pilates, in Fairfax. Carla has a BA from the George Washington University, and after a 25 year career in the real estate/legal profession, transitioned into a career in Pilates. After discovering Pilates she realized that it offered a more balanced and less stressful lifestyle.

As the owner of Studio BE Pilates it is her vision to bring Pilates to the community and to introduce health and wellness through mind-body training as well as nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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Events of Carla Vercoe

Just BE Retreat at Casa OM

May 6th - 12th, 2018

Join Just BE Retreats founders Carla Vercoe of Studio BE Pilates and Shelly Modes of Our Love Rising...

This Retreat is Over