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Casa Om story

We purchased Casa Om in 2011 but the story of Casa Om can’t be understood without going back to the moments that built the vision.

There are a series of events that would shape our contributions to Casa Om.

Hargobind writes, “In the 80’s, my father would take me to sadhana as a baby and I would listen to kirtan as the community gathered before the rise of the sun. Connecting with community in this way was something I wanted to recreate and Casa Om was the perfect venue.

In the 90’s, I studied in India and we would go many mornings to wash the floors of the Harimandir Sahib also known as the Golden Temple. The concept of service, maintenance, and building a sacred space, left a permanent impression on me with the love in which spaces should be cared for.

In 2007, I rented a series of venues for yoga retreats and music festivals. We meditated on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, we traveled to the mountains in Costa Rica, we sang in the desert in California, we converted bars to yoga rooms in Mexico, we turned a kids camp into a temple in West Virginia, and we did a makeshift kitchen on the beach in Tulum. Each event was beautiful in its own way.

We learned that our friends had excellent teachings to share but many of the venues were not created with the same consciousness.

As I continued to work on events, I realized there are 4 components to an event: teachings, venue, food and fun. I knew my teachers were fantastic and I was confident Casa Om was the right venue. It was easily accessible. It was close to the beach. It was walking distance to restaurants and stores. It was ideal for people that wanted to get away but not that far. It was a place to come year after year.

The food would be prepared with the highest intentions. It is my belief that a vegetarian diet is best for the environment. In many situations it leads to increased health. It is compassionate to animals. It supports a yogic lifestyle. But I realize it is not for everyone at every stage of their life. For that reason, we would craft a menu that was delicious, fresh, healthy and in support of yoga practice. When we met our cooking team, we knew we had the best group in Puerto Morelos. We are committed to making only the best while meeting the needs of our customers.

With the trend towards all inclusive vacations, I feel like some of the magic has been lost in vacationing. The chemistry for fun on vacation is one part safe, one part extreme, one part known and one part unknown. We would seek out adventures to share with our guests that improve their health, open their mind, feed their soul, and enhance their spirit. Casa Om was in the perfect place to stage adventures internal and external.

Siri Om always had the vision for the space. In deciding to purchase the property, I remember sitting on the stairs feeling overwhelmed with the  concept. Siri Om was never intimidated by it and seemed to know exactly what to do. In trusting her vision, we placed an offer for the space.

Siri Om grew up in a household of furniture makers and interior designers. She spent much of the 2000’s traveling the world teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats. She had developed so much experience with design, that we implemented her artistic ideas. Her vision was for a space that resembled an Indian temple and a Mexican hacienda.

In developing the Casa Om concept she had a couple of key requirements. First it had to be by the beach. It had to be close to the airport. It needed 24 hour electricity. For guests to be comfortable, they needed certain amenities to put them at ease. This would allow them to focus on their practice as their environment would be nurturing and supportive. This location afforded us all of these.

Finally, it is our belief that humans are in essence spiritual beings. Casa Om existed as an etheric idea which came into physical existence. We invite you to  experience our vision.

These are the moments that formed our story and we are excited to serve you. ”

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