At Casa Om we run a full gourmet vegetarian kitchen. We offer extensive Mexican, Thai, New American, and Lebanese food options. All dishes are prepared with a healthy yogic lifestyle in mind. We offer gluten free and vegan options as well.

When you visit us, you can have all your meals at Casa Om or customize it so you can explore restaurants in the area as well.

Our head chef, Eduardo, is a former restaurateur; he brings more than 10 years of professional cooking experience to Casa Om. He is passionate about food and his cooking classes are a favorite amongst our visitors. Those passionate about cuisine will find a like-minded soul.

What our visitors have to say about our cooking:

“Eduardo’s cooking is spectacular. It brought such a fun and healthy component to our retreat. He makes excellent yogi tea and prepares the best fresh juice. His vegan tamales and mexican food is the best in the area. Not only is he a great chef but he also helped us get familiar with puerto morelos which was very kind.”
– Tony

“Eduardo is such a big part of the success of our retreats at Casa Om. He makes delicious fresh juices and yogi teas, prepares the best Mexican food in town, and creates healthy yogic menus that make everyone feel bountiful, beautiful and blissful! He and his staff are so kind and helpful, and working with him was so easy! In fact, his cooking was so amazing that on our first retreat, our guests demanded he give them a cooking class, and his presentation was so delightful that many called it the high point of the retreat. I couldn’t imagine a better chef at Casa Om.”
– Ramdesh

“I looked forward to every meal at Casa Om! As a former chef, I have to say that the cooking is so fresh and flavorful, I wanted to ask for every recipe. Not only that, but the Chef and his staff are so warm, friendly, and accommodating to any dietary need. The fantastic food and conversation we all had around the table was a memorable part of my experience at Casa Om.”
– Jonathan

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