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Daniel Rama

Rama’s journey to yoga began with an at-first unfortunate accident. While working with heavy overhead lift patterns he managed to shatter almost every structurally-significant bone in his left foot. When told by his doctors that he would never be able to run again, Daniel Rama – the Health, Wellness and Fitness student studying to become a personal training – was devastated. Rama spent months in a darker place until eventually being introduced to a new light – Yoga.

“With regular practice and a burning desire to better my current conditions I soon made remarkable progress. Within six months I was able to walk completely unassisted; and in less than a year I was back to regularly running long distances and even taking up backyard gymnastics.” – Daniel Rama

After experiencing the power of yoga first hand, Rama saw no option other than to dedicate his life to exploring and sharing these practices with the world. Present day, Rama spends most of his time studying yoga and vedic philosophy at Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas, and regularly travels internationally to teach advanced inversions, meditation and the more subtle aspects of the practice.

Learn more on instagram @danielrama_ or by visiting www.danielrama.com

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Events of Daniel Rama

100 Hour Advanced Asana and Meditation Intensive with Irene Pappas

October 15th - October 28th, 2017

This intensive is specifically for current yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their asana and meditation practices.

This Retreat is Over