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Debra Murphy

Studying the Mind-Body connection is Debbi’s life work. After years teaching in traditional academia (doctorate in exercise science, minor in psychology), Debbi turned her attention to the study of yoga, a perfect nexus of both.

Through more than 40 years of experience, including a decade as director of Shanti Yoga Teacher Training, Debbi embodies the personal empowerment of yoga as well as the evolving dynamic art and science of yoga. All her classes are grounded in sound biomechanics, mind-body-spirit integration, and her heart lies in the transitory nature of the beautiful, juicy flow of the vinyasa tradition.

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Events of Debra Murphy

True Nature Mexico Yoga Retreat

April 24th - 30th, 2016

Retreat. Relax. Recharge. Reconnect with your true nature. Surround yourself with the awe inspiring beauty of the Mexican Riviera and Casa Om. Indulge in fresh, healthy dining...

This Retreat is Over