Find Your Bliss: Play and Color Outside the Yoga Lines with Angel Lucia


-6Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Angel Lucia is coming to Casa Om via The Travel Yogi from October 26 through November 1. Angel offers a blissful, organic style that will be accompanied by live music by Petro Bass. Blogger Kathryn E. Livingston asked Angel some questions about bliss, yoga, going with the flow and finding heavenly ease on the mat.

Q: What will be the focus of your retreat?

Angel: The primary focus of my retreats almost always is to help people find their natural state of being through a very organic process of movement. Our natural state is inherently a state of peace and freedom in body, mind, spirit. However, life sometimes gets so fast-paced and hectic that we forget what it means to feel at ease in our own skin.

Q: How did you get into yoga?

Angel: I was actually a surgical assistant for many years, and in 1995 due to severe back and neck pain I went to a yoga class prompted by one of my medical distributors. I did not fall in love immediately, however, due to how physically weak and challenged I was in the class. Yet somehow I continued to practice, and after about a month or so I fell deeply and madly in love with the practice. It changed my outlook on life, made my body feel stronger and so much more spacious, softened my edges, and helped me feel more connected and grounded. So much so that I quit my job and went to massage therapy school while simultaneously studying with my yoga teacher one on one for about two years. I received my massage license and continued to train further in Thai Massage. I was mesmerized with the dance of Thai massage and how it was so closely related to how I move in yoga. So I spent the next couple of years providing Thai massage to clients and offering advice on how to keep the body feeling so wonderfully open after a session of Thai by showing them yoga moves.

Q: What happened next?

Angel: My clients then began asking me to teach classes to them, and so my yoga-teaching path blossomed. I started small, still remaining in a mentorship with my first teacher for several years while assisting and subbing classes for her. I led classes in my massage studio, which held all of six people which was divinely perfect. Eventually, I grew out of my little space and opened up a much bigger studio in 2003. Now I teach many classes each week, take care of my private clientele, lead teacher trainings, and yoga retreats worldwide. I love it! It sure has been a journey that will continue to expand and flow in many directions!


Q: How would you describe your teaching style?

Angel: I teach in a very organic and flowing way to allow people to move outside of their linear patterns. I have a wide variety of modalities in which I’ve trained quite extensively, some natural massage techniques, a little yin/restorative, along with a lot of unwinding movements to allow the body to reset naturally. We’re all made of spirals, so why not play and color outside of the lines!

Q: What would you like the participants to take home from their experience?

Angel: A feeling of being in their BLISS body and knowing that it’s their natural state that they have the tools to access anytime they like!

Q: What is special about learning in a retreat setting such as Casa Om?

Angel: Retreats are always special because people are removed from the hectic nature of everyday life. Once removed from that daily frenzy they begin to slow down and soften, finding new pathways within themselves to explore. They learn to get quiet enough to really listen to what they need and what they may need to leave behind. It’s truly a beautiful thing when you observe someone who makes a huge transformative shift in life after attending a retreat. I have had the great honor to have witnessed this on many occasions!


Q: Do you have a bit of general yogic advice you’d like to impart?

Angel: We only get one chance to live the life we desire! Seize each moment and enjoy the ride!

 Learn more about this incredible retreat here!

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