Hot yoga retreat with Hargobind August 13-19 2023

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When I was a boy, my favorite day of the year came each June. Sometimes it was early . Sometimes it was middle of the month. But somewhere around the solstice, school would end and summer vacation began. That meant freedom. It meant adventure. It meant I had accomplished something and next year I would level up a grade. 

There was a period of intense work for finals. And then there was a period of change. Like Asana and Savasana from yoga. Life had boundaries. Somehow in the transition to adulthood, we lose this. Everything smashes together. Most of modern life, has no distinct barriers and there is no celebration. 

I remember when I left school thinking, adulthood is crazy!?
Why would people do this ?

Gone were the periods of self reflection, fun, graduation ceremonies, and preparation for intense work. We replaced this with the modern business of being trapped. Where the work isn't epic, and yet it never ends. 

With Walking on Sunshine, we sought to bring back summer the way it should be. With our methods of yoga, dharmify, adventure, beach time, massage and all our tools for transformation, this is the summer break that you need. 



Hot Yoga is a therapeutic healing sequence of poses practiced in a hot, humid room. We have been influenced by numerous styles of yoga from Bikram to Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin and more. All this to create an efficient, curated, personalized and supportive hot yoga practice. You likely won’t sweat like this anywhere else which is great for your skin and makes your body feel fantastic.
  • Body: Yoga is so good for mobility, flexibilty, strength, weight loss and endurance
  • Mind: Yoga help you clear your mind, focus, reduce anxiety and focus on what you can control
  • Spirit: We teach inspired yoga where you are encouraged to build faith, trust and transformation
  • ​Stress: Yoga reduces stress, balances your blood pressure and reduces excess cortisol, a stress inducing hormone 
  • Community: Gathering with others with healthy habits, increases positive feelings about yourself and the world 
  • Fun: We keep it light, have fun, tell jokes and hang out. We say we are on a 60 year yoga journey and there's no rush
  • Hot: We help you put the HOT in hot yoga so you find the most feel good, beautiful version of yourself


The ice bath practice is inspired by the Wim Hof method with mixtures of kundalini breathing techniques and our own unique spin. 

The ice is a communion with nature in the rawest, purest form.  It’s a tiny investment for massive physical and mental breakthroughs.
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Boosts testosterone 
  • ​Reduces stress 
  • ​Increases confidence 
  • ​Makes the best version of you


Dharmify is based on my book Dharmify: A daily practice to get your mind right, your business tight, to be a love light so you feel alright. It's a 7 step method for cultivating the most aligned, powerful, purposeful choices in love, life and business. It’s extra helpful if you’re a yogi because you’ll be so familiar with the concepts. We’ll go on the dharmify journey but you can zero in on a habit, business, love life, community or family issue. You’ll walk away with the most holistic perspective on how to control what you can control and let go of what you can’t change. 



  • Focus: helps you zero in on the most important areas of your life
  • Transition: If you are at a crossroad in life, dharmify helps you pick the best way
  • Healing: helps you create a unique path of self healing after loss of a loved one
  • Love: Whether ending a relationship or just falling in love, dharmify gives you the tools to make the love grow 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Gives you the place to start in building or expanding your business 
  • ​Adventure: Dharmify provides a method for calculated risks and rewards  
  • ​Builds confidence: Once you practice the method often, you see how powerful you really are
  • Plan: Gives you a simple plan to meet your goals 


The hand balancing workshop that I teach is based on my training with Nicolas Montes de Oca from Cirque Du Soleil. His refinement of the method is so precise that I think I can teach you in a short time what took me years to learn. The precision will change the way you practice all yoga poses even if you dont want to spend the time to learn an actual handstand. This is for beginners and beyond. 
  • Strength: Handbalancing will cut your body and make you stronger!
  • Better Poses: Our extreme focus on technique will help your handstand and all your poses 
  • Kill it on instagram: no more boring selfies! Gain confidence for your pictures.


Our workshops are great for jumpstarting your practice. We usually zero in on hip, spine and shoulder mobility but it is always customized for the group in safe and intimate way. We often get into detail on camel pose, standing bow, floor boor and back being in general. We always try to get students micro wins so you have enthusiasm for your practice. 
  • Better Poses: Our workshops are designed to make your poses more energy efficient so you feel strong 
  • More Enthusiasm: Love for the practice is the number one difference between long term practitioners and the fad
  • Stronger devotion: We try to inspire more devotion to the practice by cultivating more knowledge 
  • More Technique: We are firm believers that great technique makes a better practice 
  • More Spiritual: We incorporate spiritual yoga concepts in down to earth applicable ways


Casa Om is right next to the second largest coral reef in the world! We can walk out and catch a boat to world class snorkeling. You'll love the boat ride and swimming with the fish. 


The mayans used to say these sacred water pools connected them to other worlds. We'd have to agree. 
Puerto Morelos is on the beach but just West is Ruta De Los Cenotes. It's a road that passes along some of the best cenotes, ancient natural water pools.  We'll take you to some of our favorites for swimming, zip lining, jumping and adventures. 


Our retreat is supported by a host of massage therapists, shamans and healers of various tradition. Massage promotes circulation, recovery, stress reduction, and muscle repair. It increases feelings of well being. Coupled with all our activities, it has a multiplier effect that will seal the positive experience for you. It will likely be the best body work of your life. An extra fee applies but should not be missed! In fact do a treatment every day. 


We generally host a number of workshops each day. They include mantra to vastly improve your mindset. Yoga goals to give you purpose and meaning in your life. 

Gratitude ceremonies to make you a happier person. Contortion and hand balancing to improve your yoga poses. We also generally have a kirtan concert to connect you to your voice. 

We hope this retreat will massively improve the trajectory of your life. 

Food made with love!

Karmina is the head chef at Casa Om. She brings years of experience in creating healthy, delicious beautiful food. 

We run a vegetarian kitchen inspired by the practice of ahimsa, or non violence to the animals, as much as possible. 

Feel free to make special requests and get to know our kitchen team. They are the best! 

Or still not sure? 
Awesome. We have so many bonuses for you! 

BONUS # 1 
A signed copy of Hargobind's book Dharmify!

Learn how to leverage all the concepts of yoga for better love, business, and health

Entertaining, witty, insightful and ultimately a useful guide to leveraging the power and tools inside you to overcome every obstacle. Dharmify is the method you need to vastly improve your life.  Plus it tells the story of Casa Om Mexico, Casa Om Potomac, and how Siri Om & I met. 
It's all yours for free! 

$20 Value! FREE!

BONUS # 2 
Casa Om Potomac Recipe e-Book

Make our delicious meals at home! 

Healthy eating is a joy with the right guide. Packed with recipes from our main brunches and dinners, this ebook download, will give you what you need to make our delicious meals at home! And its free too! 

$20 Value FREE!

BONUS # 3 

Come see our West Virginia River Retreat!

We always miss everyone when they leave. So we are going to put together a ridiculously good deal. Have a bonus of an extra weekend retreat with us at our West Virginia retreat center! A $799 value in shared room with private bath.

$799 Retreat too!! 

BONUS # 4 

These are so fun! 

Catch a snapshot of your poses with our professional photographer on the beach. 

$350 value!  FREE!!!

BONUS # 5 

Jam packed with surprises!

Our Casa Om swag bags are stuffed with goodies to support your retreat. One comment we used to get was that people leave so high only to experience a low once they get back to the real world. Get ready for numerous surprises to bring the retreat home and keep the good vibes going. 

$75 value Free! 

BONUS # 6 
Retreat Wizard Blizzard video course $1899 value!

I am a little uncomfortable about this 

I just charged $1899- $3499 for this experience at Casa Om Potomac last week. We filmed the whole thing though! So this is everything you need if you ever want to plan a legendary retreat of your own. The principles here are great for any entrepreneur or wellness professional. This will be yours forever. 

People just paid $1899- $3499 for this
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$3,163 in free bonuses!!!

Here's some of our review from Trip Advisor

I have been to Casa Om three times now. Why do I keep coming back? Because everything about the place, the people, and the yoga are absolutely wonderful. I recommend Casa Om to all of my yoga friends!...
The people: Siri and Hargobind are great people! They both teach in such an open and friendly way. They can teach to every level, whether you have never taken a yoga class or you have been doing yoga for 20 years
I am really grateful to have landed at Casa Om for first yoga retreat ever. I loved every second of it. Thanks to Hargobind, also our yoga teacher and for being an incredible human. The retreat went beyond my expectations. 
Wow. Second visit to Casa Om and another 5 stars. The Accommodations are just plush enough to satisfy the high maintenance members of the family and week long workshop has something for everyone. If you are looking for some rigid fascist Bikram instruction this isn’t your place though they could deliver it, it’s just not the owners style. He is a great entertaining teacher who is super talented,grounded,humble yet very confident in his ability to serve/challenge the clients to take the next step on their life’s journey with yoga as the framework;whether that step is work harder or smarter or even less.Contortion and Handstands are never going to be in my practice at 67 but the exercises to build the muscle and flexibility to do it has opened up new possibilities in my Bikram postures that had plateaued. Already looking at when we can come back
On this trip, I didn’t know what to expect, except for yoga. I GOT SOO FREAKING MUCH MORE!! I broke mental and physical barriers that I never imagined I would. I feel as though my stay added years to my life mentally, spiritually, and physically. The energy… The peace…. The rejuvenation…..

The staff was amazing. Soo kind and caring. The food.. OOOH MY GOODNESS!! The facility… simply beautiful filled with positive energy. The Yoga.. sooo worth it.

The Journey …. Euphoric!!!

Thank You H!!!!!
The best vacation experience I have ever had
My wife told me that I was going on a yoga retreat for our vacation and told me that we (my three daughters her and I) will have fun. Who was into question her? I am not a big yoga person and don’t take a lot of vacations so I badly needed the rest etc. The positive energy was obvious the second we arrived. The manager Letica is amazing and on top of everything (she went out and got us band aids and water when needed) and the staff always smiles and is fantastic. The vegetarian food is excellent and not to be missed. There is so much more. Hargobind is an amazing yoga teacher and spiritual guide and his story is inspiring. He is also an incredibly nice person.


Harg in his words: 

" I am super passionate about helping people fall in love with yoga, making new friends, living healthy and having fun. I love yoga because it helps us live more free and I take those lessons into our family and professional lives as well. With my wife I built Casa Om Mexico, Casa Om Potomac, used to own 2 hot yoga studios and a kirtan label, cofounded two yoga festivals and have hosted over 400 retreats. 

I have co-led  more than 25 retreats in the USA, Mexico and India. I believe group travel is the best way to see the world while we have a positive impact on society. You can check out my podcast on Spotify or get my book Dharmify on amazon.com 

Private Room with private bathroom - $2,699 
Shared Room with private bathroom - $1,699 
Shared Room with shared bathroom - $1,499

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Everything Included! 

  • Hot Yoga Retreat: classes, workshops, community, 
  • Hand balancing & Flexibility: Made for any BODY type 
  • Ice bath:  For health, mindset and recovery! 
  • ​6 nights/7 days : At the beach, in the coolest Mexican town 
  • Delicious meals: Made by our world class chef! 
  • ​ A team of body workers: Here to make you the best you 
  • Dharmify: Hargobind's method to overcome the greatest challenges
  • ​Bonus 1: Signed copy of Dharmify Book  $20 Value! 
  • ​​Bonus 2: Potomac e-cookbook $20 Value! 
  • ​​Bonus 3: Casa Om Potomac Weekend Retreat $799 Value! 
  • ​​Bonus 4:  Group photo shoot $350 Value!
  • ​​Bonus 5: Retreat Wizard E course $1899 Value! 
  • ​Bonus 6 Casa Om Swag Bag with surprises  $75 Value!

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