Walking On Sunshine
 Yoga retreat with Hargobind August 18 - 24, 2024
w/ special guests Mihaela Karkia, Mckenzie Dreher
 & Solveiga Baltusyte
I am so excited to introduce my most physically demanding retreat yet. In my quest to find effective and safe ways to practice yoga poses for healing and performance I wound up studying with these teachers. 
 Mihaila is a professional handbalancer. Solveiga is an flexibility coach and circus artist. Mckenzie once took my classes and now I take hers. She is a performer and incredible teacher. 

This retreat will reframe how you think about safe and effective ways to practice yoga poses. The approach will be fun, safe, powerful and deeply transformational. It will also give you a road map to drastically improve your handstands, dancers, camels, whees, splits and lots more.  For you teachers, it will drastically change how you think about poses and inspire your teaching. ~Hargobind


Casa Om is a yoga retreat center located in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, just a short drive from Cancun. It offers a tranquil beachfront setting with all the necessary facilities to support a real retreat experience.

The retreat center features ten beautifully designed bedrooms. The accommodations are comfortable and include amenities such as air conditioning, fans, drinking water, and WiFi. Guests can enjoy a range of facilities including a well-equipped yoga room, massage room, swimming pool, a rooftop dining area, tub for cold plunge and two kitchens​. 


Sunday August 18
4:00 PM Hot Yoga w/ Hargobind
5:30 PM Dinner 
6:30 PM Setting Intentions for the week 
7:30 PM Contortion with Mckenzie

Monday August 19 
8 AM Handbalance with Mihaela
10 AM Breakfast 
11 AM Ice Bath & Pranayama with Hargobind 
4:00 PM Flexibility with Solveiga
6 PM Dinner at Casa Om

Tuesday August 20  
8 AM Handbalance with Mihaela 
10:30 AM Breakfast 
11:30 AM Ice Bath & Pranayama with Hargobind 
12:30 Snorkeling Trip (extra fee)
4:00 Contortion with Mckenzie
6 PM Dinner at Casa Om
8:00 PM Flexibility with Solveiga 

Wednesday August 21
8 AM Handbalance with Mihaela 
10:30 AM Breakfast 
11:30 AM Lovers Dharmify with Hargobind 
4 PM Flexibility with Solveiga
6 PM Dinner and show trip to Cirque du Soleila Joya to see Mihaela Perform ( extra fee) 

Thursday August 22
8 AM Handbalance with Mihaela 
 9:30 AM Breakfast 
10:30 AM Entrepreneurs Dharmify with Hargobind 
Noon Cenote Trip 
4 PM Indian style Cooking Class with Hargobind from his new book Recipes for Building Community 
6:30 PM Dinner
8 PM Special Surprise Class 

Friday August 23 

6:30 AM Sunrise Photoshoot with Mckenzie & Hargobind 
8 AM Hanbalance with Mihaela 
10:30 AM Breakfast 
11:30 AM Ice bath and Pranayama   
4 PM Flexibility with Sol
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM How to plan or build your own yoga retreat center w/ Hargobind

Saturday August 24
6:30 AM Sunrise Photoshoot Mckenzie & Hargobind 
8 AM Flexibility with Sol 
9:30 AM Breakfast 
11 AM May you take the extraordinary experiences with you in your heart and come back soon!


The mayans used to say these sacred water pools connected them to other worlds. We'd have to agree. 
Puerto Morelos is on the beach but just West is Ruta De Los Cenotes. It's a road that passes along some of the best cenotes, ancient natural water pools.  We'll take you to some of our favorites for swimming, zip lining, jumping and adventures. 


Our retreat is supported by a host of massage therapists, shamans and healers of various tradition.


Karmina is the head chef at Casa Om. She brings years of experience in creating healthy, delicious beautiful food. 

We run a vegetarian kitchen inspired by the practice of ahimsa, or non violence to the animals, as much as possible. 

Hargobind will also share some recipes from his forthcoming book Recipes for Building Community. 


Harg in his words: 

" I am super passionate about helping people fall in love with yoga, making new friends, living healthy and having fun. I've tried to follow the technique and inspiration wherever its lead me.  I built my retreat centers to be a reflection of the lifestyle. I hoped these venues would bring out the best in the clients. 


Mihaela Karkia is a professional handbalancer. She started her training at the age of six in Finland where she also graduated from the professional circus school SaSak. In 2017 she moved to Ukraine to train in the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts where she graduated from in 2021. In Kiev she also trained with Oleg Kurinskyy, learning from the best coaches and handbalancers in Ukraine was priceless for her progress. Constantly improving her skill set continues to motivate her. She started teaching in 2020. Sharing the knowledge gained in 20 years of handbalancing is another meaningful mission for her. She will lead 5 classes througout the week. 

Mckenzie Dreher

McKenzie Dreher is a performer, teacher, and student based out of New York City. She works for several circus companies, such as Phoenix and BlackHaus, that perform throughout NYC and it's surrounding area. McKenzie works privately with people of all levels throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and also offers workshops and intensives internationally as well. 

Solveiga Baltusyte

Solveiga Baltusyte is a Circus artist specializing in Aerial Acrobatics and a Flexibility coach. She started her circus career as an adult, which pushed her to work hard and learn fast to become a professional acrobat. Solveiga started her contortion training as a compliment to her aerial acrobatics career in 2017 while living in Hong Kong and since then had fallen in love with this discipline and continued to train with world renowned coaches - exploring the art of contortion further within Chinese, Russian and Mongolian Techniques. She fell in love with this ancient art form and is now teaching a unique blend of techniques to adults who want to reach a new level of body control, get rid of chronic pain and improve the quality of their life. “EVERYBODY can be flexible, but everyone is different, and therefore you just need to discover what technique your body responds to”

Private Room with private bathroom - $2,699 
Shared Room with private bathroom - $1,999 
Shared Room with shared bathroom - $1,499
Premium Package - $499

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Everything Included! 

  • Yoga & Flexibility:  classes, workshops, community, 
  • Hand balancing : For beginner to expert!
  • Ice bath:  For health, mindset and recovery! 
  • ​6 nights/7 days : At the beach, in the coolest Mexican town 
  • Delicious meals: Made by our world class chef! 
  • ​ A team of body workers: Here to make you the best you 
  • ​​Group photo shoots 
  • ​Hot Yoga: classes, workshops, community, 

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