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Francisco Morales-Bermudez

Francisco Morales-Bermudez, began yoga practice with his mother and sister. He witnessed the amazing healing effect of yoga asana on people from all walks.
Born in Lima, Peru, he spent time in the ocean, playing soccer and becoming intrigued with healing arts. He received scholarship offers to wrestle in college & was on the University of Miami (Fl.) Rugby team.
After college he worked as a lobbyist and educator in Washington, D.C. He was an integral part of the passing of the “Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Bill” a bill that communicated the resistance of racism in the U.S. history. He also was the Director of the “Junior Rangers” a national program introducing city youth to nature through camping and the outdoors.
During his last stint in the conservation movement. He along with his boss Iantha Gantt-Wright, organized three “Mosaic in Motion Conferences: Break Barriers of Race in t Conservation”.One of the many outcomes from this conference was the introduction of a new park unit focusing on the diversity of San Francisco, the Crissy Field Center.
In 2009 he competed for the first time & won the Mid Atlantic Region Asana Championships. After being a collegiate athlete he didn’t wish to focus on competitive yoga. He focused his energy on traveling and leading yoga seminars sharing his studies from his practice.
In 2010 he along with his friends Carol McClaron and Stephanie Klempler started the Synergy Non-Profit. A non-profit organization bringing yoga to and assisting schools in Peru and Mexico.
Francisco studied:
martial arts with Capoeira Angola Mestre Cobra Mansa, Thai Massage with Kam Thye Chow, and yoga with Victor Landa at the “School of Life” yoga ashram, Bikram Choudry, & Dharma Mittra.
In 2005 he founded Synergy Partner Yoga. He has led nine Synergy Teacher Trainings and continues to do so today. Synergy, is a therapeutic partner yoga practice combining thai massage & partner stretching. It is a discipline shared internationally.
He is the founder of “Open Heart Journeys”. After leading over 15 retreats he decided to form Open Heart Journeys to assist his fellow teachers to lead their own retreats. He also published the book “A Pregnancy Journey Through Yoga”.
Today he continues to travel and teach various styles of yoga while always maintaining his daily yoga practice.

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Events of Francisco Morales-Bermudez

Pure Om Hot Yoga Training

August 21st - September 17th, 2016

Casa Om, Mexico
Come join us for Pure Om Hot Yoga Training! Have you always wanted to be a hot yoga teacher?

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