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Jeanne Heaton

Jeanne Heaton has been teaching Bikram yoga since 2010. Jeanne’s journey to Hot Yoga began with the realization that if she were to save her life she would have to change it, entirely. Jeanne arrived in NYC to be an actress and musician but found drugs and alcohol instead. After a long descent into hell she finally would have to surrender herself and get clean. Re-entering society with all the physical damage done to her body was going to be tough, though and that’s when her friend paid it forward with a 30-day Hot Yoga introductory package. The moment Jeanne entered the hot room she knew this hot yoga was the missing ingredient to not only her recovery, but her life. She is a certified Bikram Teacher — Fall 2010 and is a certified Yin Yoga teacher — 2016. Jeanne recently moved to Athens GA where Jolin Conine, owner of Fuel Hot Yoga, made a the commitment for them, together, to bring struggling addicts and alcoholics residing in and out of rehab to the yoga studio to give back, One Posture at a Time. She practices and teaches daily and encourages her students to lead their most inspired life.

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Events of Jeanne Heaton

Fuel Your Life Retreat!

October 8th - 14th, 2017

Join the Fuel Hot Yoga team at Casa Om in Puerto Morelos, Mexico for yoga and adventure. Miles of sandy beach, sunshine,

This Retreat is Over