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Jenny O’Laughlin

Some call her the ‘Yoga Whisperer’, because Jenny commands the yoga room with no more than a breath. You will find yourself going deeper into your postures than ever before, hardly knowing how you got there. Don’t be surprised if you leave class feeling uplifted and with an open heart, moved by one of Jenny’s stories of life and spirituality woven seamlessly into her class.

On her yoga practice today Jenny comments, “This yoga makes me a better mom, more patient, loving, caring. Physically it’s helped so much with recovery from a challenging pregnancy and birth. Carrying a toddler around and picking up after him all day puts a lot of strain on my back. This yoga moves stagnant energy and puts things back in order. I love how this yoga gives you the power to take your health into your own hands”.

Jenny and her husband Ian own two Bikram Yoga studios in the Detroit Metro area since 2007 and 2011 (DetroitBikram.com), and are currently being schooled in life by their 2 year old Gabriel.

Jenny’s Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2000, Los Angeles

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Certification 2003, Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Certification 2008-2009

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Events of Jenny O’Laughlin

Snowbirds Warm Up! Bikram Hot Yoga Bliss with Ian and Michael

February 5th - 11th, 2017

Escape the cold, and warm up in the Mexican sun. Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with daily Bikram Yoga classes...

This Retreat is Over