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Jessie Wedell

Jessie grew up in Fairfax an athlete-turned-dancer. She found Bikram Yoga in 2012 during a very difficult time in her life. She had suffered years of trauma and was mentally and physically suffering to a dangerous point. The first few weeks, she was naturally hooked on the physical aspect of class but struggled to keep her head in the yoga room and she felt it in her practice. As soon as she started practicing several times a week she noticed tremendous benefits in her focus, passion, and peace. Over time through consistent practice, she was able to heal the damage done to her body and mind and knew she wanted to share that gift with others. She completed Sterling Teacher Training at Casa Om in October 2014 and continues to take every opportunity she can to expand her knowledge of the practice.

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Events of Jessie Wedell

Yoga in Paradise with Meghan and Jess

July 24th - 30th, 2016

Join Meghan and Jessie for a week of yoga and fun at Casa Om, in the heart of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Just across from the beach, you will be lead through yoga classes on the beach as well as in the beautiful heated room at Casa Om.

This Retreat is Over