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JJ Garcia

JJ Garcia was born and raised in Boulder, CO. He is the son of Radha Garcia and brother of Esak Garcia; together this awesome trio forms the principals of Boulder Bikram Yoga. JJ took his first Bikram yoga class at the age of 8 from Bikram himself when he visited Teacher Training for his mother’s graduation in 1994. After that first class, JJ continued practicing yoga on occasion. At the age of 20, after suffering several sports related injuries to his knees and left ankle, JJ became dedicated to his Bikram yoga practice in an effort to heal his injuries. He completed his own 400-day challenge, practicing 400 days in a row, and has been practicing a minimum of 4 times per week since 2007. He attended teacher training in the fall of 2011. As a teacher, JJ loves seeing the change in students as they commit to this practice; it truly brings out the best in everyone. “Mind over the matter, what’s the matter? Never Mind!”

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Events of JJ Garcia

Bikram Yoga Retreat with Radha & JJ Garcia

August 2nd – 8th, 2015

Join us for 6 nights & 7days of Bikram Yoga led by Senior Teacher Radha Garcia, who attended the first ever Bikram teacher training in 1994...

This Retreat is Over