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Lara is a proud co-director/owner of Hot Yoga Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Lara came to her first Bikram class assuming it would be her last as she was not a fan of heat nor of yoga, but it only took that one class to realize Hot Yoga would be a life-long pursuit and the Capitol Hill studio her second home. Lara became a certified Bikram teacher in 2010 and completed her 200 hour training in vinyasa yoga in 2014. She credits regular practice of yoga with healing her body after suffering for many years with rheumatoid arthritis. Her graduate education and work at Johns Hopkins University and National Institutes of Health in neurobehavioral science help her to appreciate and better understand some of the internal physiological processes of yoga, and she enjoys sharing these things with her students.

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Events of Lara

Hot Yoga Capitol Hill Retreat at CasaOm in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

April 22nd - April 28th, 2018

Come Treat Yourself to a Special Yoga Retreat! Join LaShone and Lara and other yoga enthusiasts for a fabulous week of hot yoga.

This Retreat is Over