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Lynn Whitlow

Lynn is a renowned Birkam Yoga teacher and certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor. Lynn’s path to yoga was through fitness. Prior to teaching yoga Lynn was a personal trainer, marathon runner and she owned a successful aerobics studio in San Francisco. Lynn has owned and operated 8 yoga studios in Northern California over the past 20 years. Currently Lynn has 2 studios, one in Petaluma, CA and one in Berkeley, CA. Lynn is on the Board of Directors for The USA Yoga Federation. She has been a key teacher for the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and has mentored teachers around the world. She is active in conducting seminars and workshops and is provides business consulting to studio owners.

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Events of Lynn Whitlow

Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates Retreat with Lynn Whitlow & Gabi Walters

September 24th - 30th, 2017

Daily Bikram Yoga Classes. Daily Inferno Hot Pilates Classes

This Retreat is Over