Q & A with Molly Cornell of Melt Hot Yoga

Blogger Kathryn E. Livingston asked Molly Cornell of Melt Hot Yoga in Edwardsville, PA, a few questions about her upcoming March 9-15 yoga retreat at Casa Om. Molly’s flyer says “Our goal is for you to leave Mexico healthier than when you arrived.” Rest assured that will happen after an awesome week of Bikram and Hot Power Yoga classes, posture clinics, meditation, healthy and delicious vegetarian food, and fun!

KL: What will be the highlights of your upcoming yoga retreat?

MC: I think the posture clinics we offer and the advanced classes will be the highlights. When we go to yoga classes at home it’s hard for the teachers to spend lots of time giving students the attention they need. The posture clinics will be a great opportunity for us to go in depth with our students and help then transform their poses during the week.

KL: Why did you decide on Casa Om?

MC: Melt Hot Yoga is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and it’s cold here for a good chunk of the year. So I knew students would welcome a chance to go to Mexico in March and get out of the snow. The retreat center looks amazing. Siri Om and Hargobind have done a great job with it and being able to offer healthy meals to our students is very important to the mission of the retreat, which is to get our yogis healthier.

KL: What do you hope your students will get out of the retreat?

MC: First, we want our students to leave the retreat healthier than when they started. By practicing twice a day and eating healthy foods, abstaining from alcohol and taking time for themselves we hope they come out with a new sense of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. I think our students will also make a lot of progress in their yoga practice over the course of a week. They will be getting more individual attention in the poses and can bring back their new knowledge to their practice at home.

KL: How did you get on the yoga path and become a teacher?

MC: I took a yoga class at a spa once. I used to teach spinning and aerobics, but when I tried yoga it brought so much more to the table. Mind/Body/Spirit. It was really a natural evolution for me to move into yoga both in my own life and in my teaching. I started with Baptiste Yoga and got certified there and then discovered Hot Yoga and began incorporating that into my teaching too.

KL: What do you see as the benefits of Hot Yoga?

MC: The benefits start with the physical for everyone: increased flexibility, looser joints, sleeping better at night, increasing lung capacity. But then the benefits become more internal: being less reactive in your thinking, finding more clarity in your life, being okay with what is.

KL: What are you most looking forward to about this retreat?

MC: I’m most looking forward to getting to know our students better outside of the classroom. It will be fun to spend some free time with them. It’s such a wonderful way to build the sense of community at Melt.

KL: Where does one sign up?

MC: Go to our website: www.melthotyogastudio.com. All the details are there!


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