Rochelle Traupe on hot yoga and her retreat at Casa Om

Rochelle Traupe will be co-leading a Bikram Yoga Retreat at Casa Om October 20-26th 2013 with Siri Om! Her adjustments and alignment knowledge, is great for people with injuries as well people looking for more insight into getting into a never been done before posture. She teaches in a safe, intelligent and motivating way that shows you how to trust your body at your limits and when to go for more.
For info on the retreat – email or register at
We caught up with her to ask a few questions.
How did you get into yoga ?
 I was introduced to yoga back in the early 90’s.  I was in the military living in Germany and one of my supervisors had a yoga book with him.  I would try some of the postures but really didn’t get into yoga until 1999, after my son was born.  I thought it would be a great way to get back into shape after having a baby.  I remember thinking how challenging yoga was.
Can you talk to us about the different yoga and fitness trainings you
have done ? 
 I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  I hold a BS in Sports Medicine and have studied and been trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and of course Bikram yoga. Most of my yoga training was while living in Asia (Kathmandu, Nepal and Thailand). Im also a certified spinning instructor as well.
Is there a teacher, past or present, you would love to study with but haven’t ?
 I’ve always wanted to go to India and study with Patabi Jois (father of Ashtanga yoga). Unfortunately he passed a couple of years ago.
Everyday I think of stealing my neighbors coconut juice when they turn their heads in the floor series. Do you have any yoga sins? IMG_3383
4.  Yoga sins? Hmmmm…. When someone in class is near me and full of drama whether moving a lot or wiping the sweat off their bodies, I sometimes give them dirty looks, but then I try to remember to not let them steal my peace. 
What drew you back to Casa Om for your second event with us in October? 
Casa Om has an amazing energy and a beautiful room for yoga.  I love the town of Puerto Morales.  The locals are so friendly.  I will admit that my favorite part is the food.  Casa Om’s cook is amazing and the local restaurants are great as well.  I can’t imagine any other place I would rather be to practice yoga.
Is there something you know about yoga know that you wish you knew
when you started ? 
When I started yoga, I tried to master it.  I ended up getting frustrated or injured.  I wish someone would have told me that yoga is a process and when the body is ready, the postures will come.  I now realize that yoga will never be mastered.  Its a process, like life…its always evolving and changing.
Is there a difference between being a yoga teacher and student in how
you practice ?
Even though I’m a yoga teacher, I’m a student as well.  When Im taking class, I try to be a good example and consistent with my practice.  One of my gurus used to say “that as a teacher, you must have your own practice or you should not teach.”  How can you teach your students yoga, if you don’t know the yoga in your own body.
Do you have nutritional recommendations you can share with us ?
  Eat clean.  Eliminate processed foods and sugar from your diet. Sugar is one of the worst things we can put in our bodies.

For info on the retreat – email or register at

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