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Thomas Orr Anderson

Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A. is a Musician, Physicist, Inventor and Sound Therapist engaged in a lifelong exploration of sound, rhythm, movement, science and meditation.

Thomas earned his Masters degree in Physics through his studies of Black Holes and Holograms. He has studied intensively in a variety of ancient healing arts including Qi Gong, Reiki and Acupressure. He travels the world studying, teaching, performing and exploring at the magical precipice where Music, Physics and Healing are one.

Thomas is the founder and president of SoundTables.com, a company dedicated to the development of advanced sound immersion technologies. Thomas also remains deeply engaged in music and film production, as Sirius Colors Media, in the midst of his studies of the effects of sound, vibration, and color upon our mind and body. He has been actively engaged in a worldwide effort to understand and employ the power of acoustics toward a fuller development of our individual and collective potentials. He was invited by the country of Malta to conduct acoustical characterizations of the world’s most ancient temples and has received multiple grants to study the acoustics of fundamental geometries. Thomas has done extensive research in the effects of sound upon body and mind processes utilizing neuro-feedback and heart biofeedback. He is currently the apprentice of 102 year-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man, Tata Kachora, about whom he is currently making a documentary.

Thomas has been an invited speaker at the International Academy of Consciousness Conference in Portugal and the World Qi Gong Congress and is the author of a number of scientific publications including:

Book Chapter: “The Holographic Principle in Optical Holography” by Thomas Orr Anderson and H. John Caulfield in New Directions in Holography and Speckle, American Scientific Publishers

Book Chapter: “Acoustical Resonance Iteration Filtering” by Thomas Orr Anderson in Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality, ICRL Prs

In any case, you are likely to find him smiling and sharing his great and ever-growing LOVE and enthusiasm for the deepest roots of music, science and healing.

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