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Launching is Everything: Yoga Studio Business Summit on the Beach

November 17th - 23rd 2019

About the Retreat

Our goal is for you to finish this experience feeling refreshed, revitalized, and so freaking ready to create massive results for your studio… you’ll be completely unstoppable.

Imagine having your plan so locked down and ready to go, your business and marketing goals were all laid out for 2020… before 2019 is over.

You ARE that studio owner, right?

Just think of it!

  • A complete, detailed 2020 marketing calendar, audited by 3 experts with varying areas of expertise (marketing and super selling, killer copy, and social media mastery) to make sure your strategy is off the hook!
  • Expert-crafted, super-strategic pipelines that are a step beyond what we create in The YC. The pipelines we set up first are foundational. These are next-level, and you’ll be astounded at the results. Funnels are an art form, and what we’ve done thus far in the YC is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of automating and maximizing the potential of your leads.
  • Detailed ad campaigns that leave you with NO QUESTIONS, only actionables. You’ll leave with a Q1 social media strategy, complete with posts you can use for major platforms and ad campaign templates for mad clarity and ease.
  • Done for you content that you can plug-and-play when you get back home, so you won’t have to think about it. We will come up with subjects that take a unique angle, and appeal to your clients in a whole new way. Then, we’ll hand them over to you to make tweaks, and take all the credit. 😉


Imagine what all of this would do for your peace of mind, not to mention your annual sales and retention?

A sample schedule of a day at your retreat, if you want to provide it

7:30am – Yoga Class

9:00am – Breakfast

10:00am – Yoga Business Lab

2:00pm – Free time / Beach time

6:30pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Yoga Nidra / Meditation

9:45am-2:30pm – Kids Program

About the Teachers

joshJosh Biro

Josh Biro is the founder of The Yogapreneur Collective, and head coach at Nomad Business coaching, a consulting company that helps yoga studio owners systematize their businesses for more profit and peace of mind. He is one of the most sought-after business coaches in the yoga industry, and is obsessed with studying the difference between studio owners who are killing it, and those who are just getting by.

Josh lives nomadically, and is currently stationed in Sayulita with his family. He loves surfing, downhill biking, and yoga (obvi).

Perhaps above all, Josh thrives on the satisfaction of knowing that he’s helped a do-good entrepreneur have more time to themselves, more money to affect change, and ultimately, more freedom to live the lives they want to live.


I’m Jenna, Josh’s better half, and his partner in crime, life, and business. I often exist behind the scenes of Nomad Business Coaching, responding to emails, brainstorming, and handling scheduling, but I think we all know that I’m the real brains behind the operation! Originally from Canada, we’ve been living nomadically with our 2 kids since 2016 and currently call Mexico home.

After we sold our successful studio and Josh told me, “I think we should start doing business coaching for yoga studios”, I thought: What do we have to offer that’s so special?

But when we started traveling full time and visiting studios on the ground, I was surprised by our ability to see their gaps and potential for growth right away. And I was astounded by Josh’s ability to so clearly communicate this to the studio owners and inspire them to take the steps to start fulfilling their true potential. I started to realize that we had just spent the last decade working on our own personal and business development and that we had something of value to share. And that sharing our experience and the strategies and resources we’ve developed was making a huge difference in the lives of other studio owners.

I feel like I’m a perfect example of so many of the studio owners out there. I became a yoga teacher because I knew I needed to practice every day to save my life, and I opened our studio with Josh to bring this product to my hometown. I would have taught incredible yoga classes and mentored amazing teachers, but without Josh’s influence in the business, I would never have mastered yoga studio marketing or Facebook ads, or pulled our KPI reports every month, or mastered staff management. But through working together and pooling our strengths, I’ve become just as passionate about yoga business as I am about practicing and teaching yoga.

Everything that Josh and I have done, we’ve done as a team. Even though Nomad Business Coaching was Josh’s vision, I’ve been involved from the beginning in strategizing content, organizing the online video library, creating templates, answering emails, making social media posts and brainstorming on your yoga business dilemmas.

When I’m not working for Nomad Business Coaching, you can find me practicing or teaching yoga (of course) or doing fitness classes, kid wrangling, surfing and hanging on the beach, or sometimes if I can find a quiet moment — reading a really good book or producing content for Nomad Yoga Family.


Hello! I’m Mara and I’m from Red Deer Alberta, Canada.

I’m so excited to be working with Josh’s team and the Yogapreneur Collective as your Social Media Wizard – Wiz for short, subtitle #secrethashtagninja.

Truth is, I got into Social Media while working with Josh and Jenna at their studio and I seemed to be the only staff member who knew what Facebook was and how to use it. It started out as a part time position for extra hours, and then I began to travel a lot and it’s been amazing to be able to build a business doing what I love, and being able to operate successfully from anywhere in the world!

From working in a yoga studio for years, I understand the importance of community, the practice, the studio space and everything that comes with the yoga world. I’ve worked directly under Josh, and have learned everything he’s implementing into your studios first hand – I can probably still recite our Intro special if I had to.

My business Social Status offers Social Media Management and audits, and having worked with successful studios, with One Fire Hot Yoga Festival and being a yoga practitioner myself, I specialize in the yoga industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of this team and work with everyone in the Yogapreneur Collective!


I’m Molly and I’m a coach with Josh and Jenna. I owned a thriving hot yoga studio in Pennsylvania for 6 years. When I sold the studio I realized I missed the business side of yoga and found that Nomad Business Coaching was exactly the type of organization I wish I had to guide me during my years of ownership. While I leaned a lot in the trenches, there is so much more that that the Yogapreneur Collective offers its members. It fires me up to think we can share all this with studio owners out there and empower them to be bad ass leaders in their communities.

I think two of the most important things a studio owner can do are have open lines of communication with their staff, and create a team that understands your mission as a studio. When these two skills are dialled in it can make implementing changes a less daunting task and sets your studio up for future success!


Hey! I’m Maria, and I’m wicked pumped to be part of the team!

I opened my yoga studio in my hometown of Natick, Massachusetts back in 2010, and I started working with Josh at the end of 2017… just a few months after my third baby was born. Right at that time, I was losing the passion and excitement I once had for my studio. I knew I needed to grow my business. The problem was, I didn’t know how… until I met Josh.

I swear, the Yogapreneur Collective was made for me: actionable things I could do that created massive growth for my little business. And each of Josh’s clients were experiencing the same growth, passion, and excitement as I was! The bottom line, in addition to improving it (ha!), is that all of these studio owners were reaching and helping more people, making huge impacts on their communities.

After joining the Yogapreneur Collective, I wondered how the heck I had ever functioned as a studio owner without this incredible community. I’ve realized how literally every studio in the world needs a coach in their corner. They need the Yogapreneur Collective. I’m here to help make that possible, so that studio owners can have the freedom, the finances, and the knowledge to truly love their lives.

I can’t wait to help the tired mom studio owner create systems and hire staff to make things easier. I’m beyond excited to work with the owner who wants to create powerful blog posts and videos but just isn’t sure where to start. And if you’re an owner who thinks “sales” and “yoga” shouldn’t be caught dead in the same sentence let alone in the same studio, I’d be honored to coach you on how soulful sales techniques will transform not only your business and your take home pay, but also you students’ lives.

When I’m not doing all the yoga and yoga business things, you can find me on the golf course with my husband Ben. That is, of course, when we can get a babysitter! I love being outside, and I LOVE cheering on the Boston Red Sox. I have solid #momstrength which I’m pretty sure is technically defined as being able to teach a 6am yoga class and sell an annual membership after being woken up 18 different times the night before by three different kids.

I can’t wait to see you in the Collective!


Casa Om has 11 beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious and well equipped yoga room, swimming pool, a rooftop dining area and 2 kitchens. Bedrooms can set for either single or double occupancy, and have either a private bathroom or a bathroom shared between two rooms. Casa Om also has a new dorm that sleeps up to 6 people in bunk beds.

The rooms at Casa Om are comfortable and beautifully designed with air conditioning and fans. Drinking water and wifi are provided. Casa Om sleeps 26 and is across the street from the beach.


At Casa Om we run a full gourmet vegetarian kitchen. We offer extensive Mexican, Thai, New American, and Lebanese food options. Visitors love our fresh juices and superfood smoothies. All dishes are prepared with a healthy yogic lifestyle in mind. We love to make gluten free and vegan meals as well.

We will include breakfast each morning and dinner 4 nights out of the 6 you are with us. The other nights we will venture out into town.

Our head chef, Eduardo, is a former restaurateur; he brings more than 10 years of professional cooking experience to Casa Om. He is passionate about food and his cooking classes are a favorite amongst our visitors. Those passionate about cuisine will find a like-minded soul.


Casa Om will arrange shuttle service to and from the airport. It is included in the price of the retreat.

Casa Om is a 20-minute car ride from the airport (CUN) to Casa Om. We are located at 9 mza 26 sm 02 avenue javier rojo gomez, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico.


Optional Excursions (additional fee applies):

The Mexican Riviera is flush with these beautiful underground pools and a trip here isn’t complete without a dip in these refreshing waters. There are multiple cenotes to visit that are much less crowded than those in the Tulum area and only about 30min away by car. Find tranquility below ground or liven you experience with a cenote/zip line combination. Both options are available and booking at least a day in advance is recommended
Snorkeling & Snuba
The biodiversity on the protect reef in the Mexican Riviera is stunning. Take off for an afternoon when the sun lights up the corals, tropical fish and sponges and search for turtles or reef sharks. Snorkelers can float above it all while snuba divers (no certification needed) can swim down into the tropical traffic. Either option will highlight why this area is protected and turned into a National Marine Park. Yogis can walk to the beach and take a 5min stroll to reach the operator. This natural oasis is literally steps from our retreat center.
If you’re a diver there’s twice the opportunity here, you can dive in the coral reefs or, for something a little different, take a cavern or cenote dive. Seasonally the more adventurous (crazy?) yogis can also try a bull shark dive…eek! Tons of diving options await the intrepid.
Akumal Sea Turtle Snorkel
The warm Caribbean waters off of the Mexican Riviera boast sea turtle populations year-round. You can outfit with a dive shop to snorkel with these lovelies or head out with your own gear and see if you get lucky.
Coba Ruins
The Mayan ruins at Coba is one of the few sites in the Yucatan that is still relatively unrestored. Many of these ancient buildings are the same as when they were rediscovered in 1890. The beautiful location is less hectic and touristy than other Mayan sites and is certainly worth the day trip.
Casa Om Spa
Whether you’re looking for an amazing massage or energy work, The Travel Yogi team can tell you first hand how amazing the team at Casa Om is. Please be prepared to book early to secure a spot. Once the word gets out from the first few massages, they’ll book up quickly!
Playa del Carmen
Take a shopping trip, have a great meal, or just enjoy people watching on a trip to Playa del Carmen. This is a fun tourist spot where you can shop for anything from cheap souvenirs to boutique items.


SOLD OUT (we sold out within a week of announcing)

Contact info/e-mail:

Register Here