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One Fire Hot Yoga Festival

November 13th - 17th, 2018

About the Retreat


We are all connected by a deep respect and gratitude for this sequence and the path that made it accessible to us today. As the hot yoga world evolves, we seek to co-create a space for all hot yoga lovers to gather. We hope to change the conversation around hot yoga to one that is fruitful, engaging, educational, inspirational, and spiritual. We support all expressions of yoga, and we hope to open the minds and hearts of all to allow us to embrace each other with all our different practices and philosophies.


Hargobind Khalsa

hargobindkhalsaHometown: Herndon, VA

Current location: Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Day job: Beach Bum

Describe your first hot yoga class in 1 word: Weird

Favorite post-class drink/snack: Coconut Water

What motivates you to go to class when you least want to: Fear of God

If you could invite any celebrity to practice next to you, you’d ask: Musashi

Motto: Good energy will get you far

When I was 12 my parents sent me to India to learn meditation, yoga and Sikh religious practices. They were devotees of the Indian master, Yogi Bhajan. I was raised Sikh but with my light skin, curly hair and sloppy turban, I was always a little out of place in America. And in India I was even more unusual. But more defining than anything, I was poor with angst for something more. So as the unusual student that I was at boarding school, I began buying and selling biscuits, cookies, juices, ice cream and more. I built my operation from a shop out of a trunk into a thriving business, employing my peers and living large India style. Only later would I realize I am the only white man to go to India to open a 7-11.

More recently I opened a hotel in Mexico. I purchased a property and built it into a thriving retreat center. We host groups from all over the world. Reservations for our retreats get booked over a year in advance. Only when one of my contractors asked if I was a wetback did I realize I was “one of those people”. He said that if Trump were elected I was definitely the first to go for being a Mexican and looking like a Muslim.

I am a Co Founder of the Pure Om Hot Yoga Studios, Casa Om and the One Fire Hot Yoga Festival as well as the inspirational Sat Nam Fest.

Siri Om

siriomHometown: Los Angeles

Current location: Fairfax VA

Day job: Teaching Yoga

Describe your first hot yoga class in 1 word: Juicy

Favorite post-class drink/snack: kombucha

What motivates you to go to class when you least want to: the idea of feeling awesome afterward

If you could invite any celebrity to practice next to you, you’d pick: Adam Levine

Motto: Do everything with love & passion


Casa Om has 11 beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious and well equipped yoga room, swimming pool, a rooftop dining area and 2 kitchens. Bedrooms can set for either single or double occupancy, and have either a private bathroom or a bathroom shared between two rooms. Casa Om also has a new dorm that sleeps up to 6 people in bunk beds.

The rooms at Casa Om are comfortable and beautifully designed with air conditioning and fans. Drinking water and wifi are provided. Casa Om sleeps 26 and is across the street from the beach.

All info here: http://onefirefest.com/housing/


At Casa Om we run a full gourmet vegetarian kitchen. We offer extensive Mexican, Thai, New American, and Lebanese food options. Visitors love our fresh juices and superfood smoothies. All dishes are prepared with a healthy yogic lifestyle in mind. We love to make gluten free and vegan meals as well.

We will include breakfast each morning and dinner 4 nights out of the 6 you are with us. The other nights we will venture out into town.

Our head chef, Eduardo, is a former restaurateur; he brings more than 10 years of professional cooking experience to Casa Om. He is passionate about food and his cooking classes are a favorite amongst our visitors. Those passionate about cuisine will find a like-minded soul.


Getting to Casa Om is easy. Plan to fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN), arriving Tuesday November 13th between 1pm and 5pm, and departing on Saturday November 17th between 10am and 2pm.

You can take a taxi for about $50 or arrange a car pick up which is less expensive. It is a 20 minute car ride from the airport to Casa Om. We are located at 9 mza 26 sm 02 avenue javier rojo gomez, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo Mexico. From the US and Canada a passport is required but not a Visa.


Optional Excursions (additional fee applies):

The Mexican Riviera is flush with these beautiful underground pools and a trip here isn’t complete without a dip in these refreshing waters. There are multiple cenotes to visit that are much less crowded than those in the Tulum area and only about 30min away by car. Find tranquility below ground or liven you experience with a cenote/zip line combination. Both options are available and booking at least a day in advance is recommended.

Snorkeling & Snuba
The biodiversity on the protect reef in the Mexican Riviera is stunning. Take off for an afternoon when the sun lights up the corals, tropical fish and sponges and search for turtles or reef sharks. Snorkelers can float above it all while scuba divers (no certification needed) can swim down into the tropical traffic. Either option will highlight why this area is protected and turned into a National Marine Park. Yogis can walk to the beach and take a 5 minute stroll to reach the operator. This natural oasis is literally steps from our retreat center.

If you’re a diver there’s twice the opportunity here, you can dive in the coral reefs or, for something a little different, take a cavern or cenote dive. Seasonally the more adventurous (crazy?) yogis can also try a bull shark dive…eek! Tons of diving options await the intrepid.

Akumal Sea Turtle Snorkel
The warm Caribbean waters off of the Mexican Riviera boast sea turtle populations year-round. You can outfit with a dive shop to snorkel with these lovelies or head out with your own gear and see if you get lucky.

Coba Ruins
The Mayan ruins at Coba is one of the few sites in the Yucatan that is still relatively unrestored. Many of these ancient buildings are the same as when they were rediscovered in 1890. The beautiful location is less hectic and touristy than other Mayan sites and is certainly worth the day trip.

Playa Del Carmen Take a shopping trip, have a great meal, or just enjoy people watching on a trip to Playa del Carmen. This is a fun tourist spot where you can shop for anything from cheap souvenirs to boutique items.


Dorm room at Casa Om – $850
Double room with Shared bath at Casa Om – $950
Double room with Private bath at Casa Om – $1,000
Private room with Private bath at Casa Om (a double room to yourself) – $1,400
Private room with Private bath at Casa Om (Queen or King room to yourself) – $1,950
Private room with Shared bath (Sea View room) at Casa Om – $1,950

Please note these prices include accommodation Nov 13 – 17, 2018, a 5 day yoga festival pass, breakfast every day and three dinners. The pricing is per person.

Buy Tickets

To register please email info@casaom.com.