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Yoga and Social Media Intensive with Irene Pappas

December 13th -19th, 2015

About the Retreat

Join Irene Pappas for a weeklong immersion to deepen your yoga practice and build your brand, finding the balance between work and play.


4:30pm Welcome Intro and Yin/Yang Yoga Class>

1 hour playful vinyasa flow finishing with 30 minutes of long stretching holds 7:00pm Dinner + Journaling discussion You will receive a journal that we will use every morning as well as throughout the day as you please.


8am Meditation and journaling8:30am Ashtanga/Rocket inspired vinyasa practiceThis class will be focused on reinforcing the fundamentals of a balanced practice while adding in different variations to add an element of creative sequencing. Many poses will be familiar from the Ashtanga/Rocket yoga traditions, while others will be new.

10am Brunch11am – 12:00pm Discussion: Authenticity and Social Media.How to create a brand/message that is authentically you, and how to use social media to help spread your message and broaden your reach. We will also discuss how to create a target market by finding a niche that is not over saturated and makes your heart sing.

2:00- 4:00 pm Inversion Workshop & Teaching Tricky Poses

This workshop will allow you to deepen your own inversion practice while also learning how to teach them to your students in a safe and intelligent way. We will focus on bringing an element of play to these tricky poses in order to help them seem less scary.

5:00-6:30 pm Beach Playtime

We will discuss how to plan a photoshoot to best capture the lines and feelings of yoga pictures while soaking up some sun! We will also practice falling on the soft sand to help you solidify your inversion practice. Finally, we will practice taking pictures of each other as well as getting professional photos snapped.

On the beach at Punta Brava, the empty beach with nice drift wood. Pair students up so one takes pics and the other does practice. It’s a 15 minute taxi ride south of Casa Om. Photography session where everyone gets 30 pictures to use for their updates. Discussion overview of lighting, ideal times of day for photography, setting up your pictures, do’s and don’t of photography, learning to use a camera.

7 PM Dinner


6am *optional sunrise photography*8:00am Meditation and Journaling>8:30am Morning PracticeThis practice will be a blend of vinyasa yoga and animal movement as inspired by Ido Portal10am Brunch2pm Cenote trip – Bring your cameras to catch great pictures by the Cenote and have some fun exploring.6pm Dinner followed by Photography at Sun Set8pm Meditation and Evening Activity


8am Meditation and Journaling

8:30am Backbending Yoga Practice

Today’s practice will focus on creating space in the shoulders and hip flexors to allow the spine to bend evenly. We will approach backbends from several different angles and poses including gentle openers and advanced variations.11am Brunch3 pm Professional Photography on the Pier6 pm Dinner8pm Evening Meditation and Yin Practice


8am Meditation and Journaling

8:30am Rocket Yoga Blend

Rocket yoga takes the poses from the Ashtanga tradition and mixes them up in a fun and approachable way. We will explore the Rocket sequence with added variations.

10am Brunch

11 am Beach journaling/ creative writing discussion

1 pm Tulum/ Playa Del Carmen Trip

6pm Dinner on your own in Playa


8am Meditation and Journaling8:30am Yin/Yang Practice1 hour intense vinyasa followed by 30 minutes of delicious stretching.11am BrunchNoon Beach Photography & one-on-one Marketing Discussions6pm Dinner

7:30pm Meditation and Goodbye Ceremony


8am Meditation and Journaling

8:30am Final Yoga Practice

This will be a yoga party with elements of all the previous practices blended together so we can move, breathe, and express ourselves fully.

10:30am Brunch

About Irene

Irene’s love for yoga is contagious. She began practicing in 2012 and immediately knew she had found her path. When she did her first 200 hour teacher training she did not intend to teach right away, but she soon realized that sharing yoga with others was her purpose. While at first she was very focused on the physical practice, over the past year Irene’s focus has shifted to developing herself spiritually and sharing that with her students.

As a lover of movement, Irene is passionate about her practice. She practices both Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, as she enjoys both a traditional practice as well as a spontaneous one. Not only does she practice yoga but she studies with hand balancers, circus performers, and contortionists to expand her own knowledge and explore the capabilities of her body.

Irene’s classes are a unique blend of strength and flexibility, always encouraging her students to find balance. Her classes are challenging in many ways, but leave you feeling excited and alive, with new respect for the abilities of your body and mind.


Casa Om has 10 beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious and well equipped yoga room, swimming pool, a rooftop dining area and 2 kitchens. Bedrooms can set for either single or double occupancy, and have either a private bathroom or a bathroom shared between two rooms. Casa Om also has a new dorm that sleeps up to 6 people in bunk beds.

The rooms at Casa Om are comfortable and beautifully designed with air conditioning and fans. Drinking water and wifi are provided. Casa Om sleeps 24 and is across the street from the beach.


At Casa Om we run a full gourmet vegetarian kitchen. We offer extensive Mexican, Thai, New American, and Lebanese food options. Visitors love our fresh juices and smoothies. All dishes are prepared with a healthy yogic lifestyle in mind. We love to make gluten free and vegan meals as well. Please let us know how we can accommodate any request.

Our head chef, Eduardo “Yayo” Gomez, is a former restaurateur; he brings more than 10 years of professional cooking experience to Casa Om. He is passionate about food and his cooking classes are a favorite amongst our visitors. Those passionate about cuisine will find a like-minded soul.


Please fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Once you have booked your ticket, please email your flight itinerary to info@casaom.com

We are located at 9 mza 26 sm 02 avenue javier rojo gomez, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo Mexico.

You can get driving directions here https://casaom.com/index.php/travel/


Optional Excursions (additional fee applies):

The Mexican Riviera is flush with these beautiful underground pools and a trip here isn’t complete without a dip in these refreshing waters. There are multiple cenotes to visit that are much less crowded than those in the Tulum area and only about 30min away by car. Find tranquility below ground or liven you experience with a cenote/zip line combination. Both options are available and booking at least a day in advance is recommended
Snorkeling & Snuba
The biodiversity on the protect reef in the Mexican Riviera is stunning. Take off for an afternoon when the sun lights up the corals, tropical fish and sponges and search for turtles or reef sharks. Snorkelers can float above it all while snuba divers (no certification needed) can swim down into the tropical traffic. Either option will highlight why this area is protected and turned into a National Marine Park. Yogis can walk to the beach and take a 5min stroll to reach the operator. This natural oasis is literally steps from our retreat center.
If you’re a diver there’s twice the opportunity here, you can dive in the coral reefs or, for something a little different, take a cavern or cenote dive. Seasonally the more adventurous (crazy?) yogis can also try a bull shark dive…eek! Tons of diving options await the intrepid.
Akumal Sea Turtle Snorkel
The warm Caribbean waters off of the Mexican Riviera boast sea turtle populations year-round. You can outfit with a dive shop to snorkel with these lovelies or head out with your own gear and see if you get lucky.
Coba Ruins
The Mayan ruins at Coba is one of the few sites in the Yucatan that is still relatively unrestored. Many of these ancient buildings are the same as when they were rediscovered in 1890. The beautiful location is less hectic and touristy than other Mayan sites and is certainly worth the day trip.
Casa Om Spa
Whether you’re looking for an amazing massage or energy work, The Travel Yogi team can tell you first hand how amazing the team at Casa Om is. Please be prepared to book early to secure a spot. Once the word gets out from the first few massages, they’ll book up quickly!
Playa del Carmen
Take a shopping trip, have a great meal, or just enjoy people watching on a trip to Playa del Carmen. This is a fun tourist spot where you can shop for anything from cheap souvenirs to boutique items.


$100 off all options for early bird until October 1st

$1300 dorm style room

$1700 double occupancy

$2300 private room

Have questions? email fitqueenirene@gmail.com!