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Zahra Vaezi

Zahra Vaezi, an avid yoga aficionado, has been practicing yoga since 2005. She fell in love with Bikram Yoga after her first class. She started work study immediately, she knew then that the yoga would be a permanent fixture in her life. She attended teacher training in 2011 and Zahra’s commitment and dedication continued on from there. She purchased a studio in 2013 located in Arlington, Va. She is now expanding her reach as a yoga teacher internationally with Casa Om, the first of many yoga retreats focused on introspection and personal growth.

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Events of Zahra Vaezi

New Adventures Retreat with Zahra and Zoha

August 30th – September 5th, 2015

New Adventures Retreat with Zahra and Zoha at Casa Om provides a special opportunity for her to share her two loves, travel and yoga.

This Retreat is Over