At Casa Om we run a full gourmet vegeterian kitchen. We offer extensive Mexican, Thai, New American and Lebanese food options. Read more


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Casa Om features 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a pool, a fish pond, 3 kitchens, and a 1000 square feet hot yoga room. We have 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Read more


Casa Om has hosted a wide variety of yoga teachers from all traditions. See current schedule for a complete listing of upcoming retreats. Read more

  • “As a group leader I cannot think of any way that I could have been more supported by the beautiful and generous people here at Casa Om. Accomodations, food and service are A++++”

    -With love…Parmatma”–Barbara

  • “Dear Casa Om, thank you so much for this beautiful place. the food is the very best, every bite I took for a week was excellent. Your staff is wonderful, always a big smile from everyone. Love it here. Couldn’t ask for a better place to be in Puerto Morelos. Casa Om is the best. I’ll be back.”–Lydia

  • “Casa Om, thank you for providing this beautiful space and amazing food, I feel refreshed, renewed and energized. I am so grateful for this time and space. Thank you”–Dharma Kaur Khalsa

  • “Casa Om is the perfect place in Puerto Morelos for a Kundalini yoga retreat. The food was delicious and beautiful, full of prana. The rooms are peaceful and clean, the yoga room very nice! Most of all the staff at Casa Om are attentive, kind, sweet, strong (Saibhang) Wahe Guru!”–Kinga K (Ireland)

  • “I have never taken part in any type of therapy but finally I’ve decided to give it a go. And boy am I happy that I did!!! The whole experience is absolutely incredible. I know this is just a beginning of my journey, but I’m so looking forward to be the best possible version of myself. If you, like me, are skeptical and don’t believe in the need of therapy, I can assure you that you will not regret even trying it once! Julia’s professionalism and gentle approach with no judgement will definitely make you feel like you in the right place. You will feel safe and you’ll know you can trust her with everything you want to share. She is creating amazing atmosphere of spiritual journey. I never thought I needed therapy, but now I think we all need it! Thank you so much Julia.”–Michele (Mexico)

  • “Thank you Julia, you are gifted with the hands of God”–Oliver B. (Ireland)

  • “That was a beautiful experience. It was so so gorgeous how you danced with my body and soul, I am still dancing inside. You truly have a magical touch, dripping with love. Thank you for a most wondrous and exquisitely touching experience.”–Julianna G. (Costa Rica)

  • “Thank you Julia for the amazing experience. Although I don’t fully understand with my mind that how this healing works or what exactly happened to me, but after the session with you I felt a new level of self-confidence and inner strenght. This allowed me to take certain steps that I was afraid to take before and thanks for that, after years of loneliness I found my life partner and since then we share our life together. I thank you again, with gratitude.”–Davy

  • “Thank you so much for being kind and hospitable to me and my group of ladies. You and your staff were always accommodating and willing to go out of your way to make our stay comfortable and easy.
    Thanks again!”–Sat Siri

  • “Harg..just wanted to thank you and Siri Om for creating a truly magnificent Retreat Centre in Puerto Morelos. It exceeded my expectations completely. The fine details, of statues, mirrors etc., the food, the yoga studio. It all made it very easy to hold a space for people to feel held and safe.
    Please know that Sylvaine and Che were great hosts…[Sylvaine] is very special. It is rare to have someone so deep and sensitive managing a place like that..and a powerful Yogini too…it added to the experience for sure.
    I’m a virgo who notices everything..and Abinashi is a double his negative mind also sees and criticizes all. We have no complaints with Casa Om!! :-)
    Congratulations on creating a space that so many want to return to again, and again. Good job.”–Barbara

  • “We are all having a blast and the best so far was today!
    Tulum Ruins and Akumel for lunch and snorkeling.
    Che is awesome and we had Edwardo as our driver and Tulum Ruins tour guide.
    They are both very special people and my friends were so impressed with the whole experience!!!
    Love you guys!!!”–Anita

  • “I woke up this morning and was sad it wasn’t still CasaOm. :-)
    Wanted to say this was a magical and privileged experience in so many ways; if we had stayed at a resort we would not have made so many wonderful friends; it was almost like going back to university days and getting to know strangers more intimately and openly in a way we don’t experience as “grown ups”. Many of us walked away knowing we’d stay friends for the long haul after the week ended.
    Thank you Hargobind and Elizabeth-so much for giving us an opportunity of a lifetime to treasure; the food was fantastic; Chef and staff were friendly and amazing; Sylvaine, Saibhang and Che were adorable and sweet to all of us; Rachpal was wonderful and a great teacher as well. ”–Lisa

  • “Casa Om is a very peaceful retreat and Sylvaine and staff were wonderful. I felt like we were staying in a home with friends.”–Mel

  • “Casa Om was absolutely amazing. Staff was wonderful.They went above and beyond for make our stay special.”–Agustin

  • “....the Casa Om staff were excellent. The Chefs were very useful-helpful accommodating different changes.”–Kimberley

  • “I was impressed with Casa Om. I think you have a beautiful place there, an amazing location, the beach is beautiful and perfect and just across the street. I think the rooms are beautiful…the staff was so friendly and welcoming. I give my biggest thank to all of them,…From the first day I walked in there I felt welcome and so did the guests.””–Christiane

  • “Casa Om, thank you for providing this beautiful space and amazing food, I feel refreshed, renewed and energized. I am so grateful for this time and space. Thank you.”–Lydia